(Originally published on a previous blog of mine, Rag’n’Râle.)

“Songs from mirage” aka Aranis III is the third album by Aranis. Fourteen songs for almost one hour of music:

  • Ouverture
  • Fresia
  • Chamber Rock
  • Reprise
  • Lullaby
  • Airesym
  • Ayru
  • Lever In Plakjes
  • Jelimena
  • Keria
  • Out Ama
  • Enjuminenna
  • Ilah
  • Finale

The album opens with “Ouverture” which features the new element in their music: singing. The singing is performed by three women. Depending on the song one, two or the three of them may be singing. This brings freshness to their music and also ensures they are not creating music they have already done.

Of course they are not forgetting their roots. “Chamber Rock” is much in the spirit of Aranis II with a quick start, a fast and dynamic playing, and no singing. “Airesym” is another one; the band performed it at the Triton concert.

Beside the two previous songs some of my favorite pieces are “Aynu”, “Lever In Plakjes”, “Jelimena” which is stunningly beautiful and “Enjuminenna”, another gem.

“Ilah” is the last instrumental piece, it starts directly where “Enjuminenna” ends and features an awesome introduction. The music and rhythm change several times during the song like different movements. Its structure seems symmetrical as the song ends like its beginning.

“Finale” is a ten minutes sung song that closes this excellent album. Aranis members have succeeded in composing new and inspiring music. With “Songs from mirage” they are covering new grounds and reinventing themselves. We couldn’t expect any less from a band of this quality; they took risks and the end result is worth it.

Very strongly recommended.