(Originally published on a previous blog of mine, Rag’n’Râle.)

Le Triton is a very small venue, famous for all the jazz and progressive rock bands that play there. It was my first time in this place. I guess I didn’t have the habit to look at their calendar.

The show was seated which is great for this kind of music. Between fifteen and twenty people were present and it’s a shame for such a great band. It looks like we were just a few to know them. Aranis deserves to be better known. They could easily perform at other venues like: Le Théâtre de la Ville, Le Centre Georges Pompidou (Grande Salle) or Le Café de la Danse. Then they would have a chance to meet a wider public. They will be playing at the Rock In Opposition festival in late September.

Aranis is a Belgium septet composed of the following musicians:

  • Jana Arns: flute
  • Liesbeth Lambrecht: violin
  • Linde de Groof: violin
  • Marjolein Cools: accordion
  • Axelle Kennes: piano
  • Stijn Denys: guitar
  • Joris Vanvinckenroye: double bass

Their music style lies somewhere between chamber music and progressive rock. You could compare their sound to the Kronos Quartet playing the music from Requiem for a Dream or The Fountain. The analogy doesn’t stop there as their compositions could be the perfect soundtrack for a movie. Aranis music is powerful and jaw dropping.

Yesterday night they were a sextet; the second violinist, Linde de Groof, was not from the party. They started their set at 9pm. The first thing you notice is how young they all are. Of course I had seen the booklet from their second album but it’s another thing to see them for real. The second thing is how tight they play and you could feel the cohesion between the six of them through their looks. The sound was excellent and very clear thanks to the small-sized venue. It was almost like watching them live in your living room!

I didn’t write down the setlist but it was made of songs from their two albums: Indrigo, Jona, Kitano, Vala, Looking Glass, Gona, Moja, Turbulente, Lovey-Dovey, Mythra… Anyway, most songs played for the show came from II and they played also two three songs from their next album.

Jana sent me the exact setlist:

  • Kitano
  • Vala
  • Looking Glass
  • Moja
  • Trog
  • Chamber Rock
  • Airesym
  • Turbulentie
  • //
  • Gona
  • Labyrinth
  • Lovey-Dovey
  • Ilah
  • Waris
  • Myhtra
  • Asilah

The made a short break around 10pm and continued playing until 11pm. I was very eager to see Aranis live and I got what I was expecting: a faithful and stunning performance for around one hour and forty-five minutes of music! I bought the Aranis Vinyl, a compilation of songs from their two albums. The cover is gorgeous and I can’t wait to listen to this baby!

Being seated was also perfect for taking photos and shooting some videos! I am right now uploading short videos on Flickr.

(My Flickr account doesn’t exist anymore. My videos are still available on YouTube.)